The Rhodes I Love

By Giannis Klouvas
It's a blessing to be born in Rhodes.

It’s lucky to live and enjoy this island. If I shared my favorite routes with friends, I’d start in the morning at Blue Lagoon then for a walk in the city.

  • A wonderful sunrise from the windmills and the fortress lighthouse-Faro of Agios Nikolaos. For the colors, the tranquility, the wonderful scenery.
  • Walk in the port, parallel to the sea admiring the imposing Italian buildings, the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and the bronze deer. Elafos and Elafina, the island’s trademark.
  • A visit to the New Market in Mandraki for its meze shops, cafes and shops with traditional products.
  • The aquarium of Rhodes is a place to go. At the northernmost end of the island a historic building, where you will experience the sea wealth of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.
  • The sunset must find you on the hill of St. Stephen, also known as Monte Smith. There you will admire the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Ancient Stadium, the Temple of Pythios Apollo and a unique sunset.
Entering the medieval walls...
  • First of all the Castelo. Climbing the famous Street of the Knights we reach the imposing Palace of the Great Master. Journey to another era, in history and in art.
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes to admire its collections and get to know the ancient history of the island.
  • A stop at the Municipal Gallery that will put you in touch with the most representative collection of Greek painting of the 20th century.
  • The Jews of Rhodes are one of the oldest communities. They lived 2000 years in the Jewish neighborhood, the “juderia”, where today is the only synagogue and the Jewish Museum that unites the present with the past. It’s worth a go.
  • The medieval city is a labyrinth with 11 gates. You can walk in the cobbled streets that hide a history of 2400 years and many surprises. It’s an exciting experience.
Going west...
  • On the hill of Filerimos, the hill of pictures. Climbing the cobbled corridor with the 14 bronze paintings depicting the passions of Christ you reach the giant Cross. That’s where the surprise of the panoramic goddess in the sea awaits you.
  • Next stop is the Valley of butterflies. A rare natural park that hosts the butterflies Panaxia Quadripunctaria. Whether they sleep on the trees or are awake and cloud-creating the spectacle is enchanting.
  • We go to ancient Kamiros, because Kamiros, together with Lindos and Ialysos, was one of the three city-states, which, according to Homer, were founded by the Dorians who settled in Rome.
  • Castel Nuovo or the castle of Kritinia for the breathtaking view to the vast Aegean Sea and the neighbouring islands of Makri, Strogili, Halki and Alimia.
  • Another castle. Monolithos castle is probably the most impressive on Rhodes and is located on a rock 236 m high, overlooking the sea.
Going east...
  • For a swim at Anthony Quinn Bay. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island where scenes from the war film “The Guns of Navarone” were filmed. Both famous and beautiful.
  • Stop at the Seven Springs. You can go inside a 150m narrow tunnel. You follow the water and you exit into an ethereal pont and a small waterfall. A paradise of incredible beauty!!
  • On Rhodes the name Tsambika/Tsambikos is very common. If you want to know why you have to go up to the monastery of Panagia Tsampika, listen to its history and miracles. The view from up there will take your breath away.
  • If you come to Rhodes what is required is an afternoon walk in Lindos. No descriptions, no introductions, a real postcard in the colors of the sunset.
  • Excursion to Prasonisi. The southern cape of the island where a strip of sand separates the calm sea from the rough and windy. A heaven for windsurfers.


    Enjoy your vacation. Yia sas!